Package dependency on non-framework package

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I've been send over from here.


I need 3 packages to be deployed, where the first two can be argued to be combined into one if necessary.


The first package is a framework package with only DLLs and runtime environment. I could not get this uploaded because it seems I'm not allowed to create framework packages (tag framework not allowed).


The second and third depend on the first needing the DLLs and runtime environment to be present in their VFS. But MSIX did not allow me to depend on the first package if I did not declare it as framework. But since I'm not allowed to create a framework package, how am I supposed to create this kind of dependency?


So in short:

- Package 1: Contains DLLs and Runtime environment only, no binaries

- Package 2: Is a launcher requiring Package 1 to function. Has binaries

- Package 3: Is an editor requiring Package 1 to function. Has binaries

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Do you want to get in the MS store, do sideloading? etc... more details could help
Store in this case. What kind of details you need?