Optional Package Cross Publisher Scenario - different publisher than Base Package

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As stated here, Optional Packages should work with different publishers that the Base Package's one:

"Cross Publisher Scenarios
Taking this a step further the platform supports the ability for the optional package and base package to be from different publishers if you want to co-develop with other publishers. I want to high light that these are publishers that you trust and the base app controls what optional packages it works with as you are loading content/ code in proc."


The issue I'm facing is that when installing an Optional Package with a different publisher than the Base Package's, the next error shows up, even though the Base Package has the Optional Package correctly bound as a related set (no application inside, used just to specify it's publisher):
"A main app package is required to install this optional package. Install the main package first and try again (0x80003d12)"


If I use the same publisher, it works as expected.


What is causing this issue ? How can I use different publishers ? Is there some missing documentation, or this feature is not supported ?

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Hi @Victor Vica

You will need to specify the Publisher of the main application if they are different. Like so <uap4:MainPackageDependency Name="Main_app" Publisher="CN=xxxxxx" /> 


Note that this is not supported in the Store. 


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Hi, @Dian Hartono 

Thanks for your reply. Your advice was correct and it works. I was mislead by the Optional Package samples<uap3:MainPackageDependency Name="29270depappf.AtomicSuite" />