O365 MSIX package upload to Intune - The selected app package does not appear to have an app ID.

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I have created a O365 MSIX package using the MSIX packaging tool on a clean Windows 10Home VM in order to try to deploy it using Intune to Windows Home machines as the C2R Office install in Intune is not available to deploy to Windows 10 Home  (id prefer not to have to deal with home but this is a consequence of the quick changes to WFH / COVID).

When I try to upload the MSIX package as a LOB app is reports that "The selected app package does not appear to have an app ID." - im new to MSIX so im unsure how to fix this. I checked all fields in the package tool and everything is filled in. I look at teh manifest file and tried to add an <Application section with an ID element but wouldnt work.

How can I fix this error and get an ID into the package plus is what im trying going to work anyway?

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Hi @PhilRiceUoS,

When the MSIX Packaging Tool generates a package it creates Application elements that represent the entry points to your application and each has an App ID. You can see the entry points that were detected by the tool in the "First launch tasks" page. If you don't see your app's entry point here, you can add them with the "Browse" button.

Please let me know if that helps.



yes , I have/saw those in the manifest file but it still gives me the error of no App ID. Ive not had a whole lot of time to work on this since posting but I did try creating a MSIX file using Advanced Installer (converting MSI to MSIX) and noticed that the publisher CN, Application name, version etc where all pulled from the MSI and it made me think that is probably the issue - I put my own details in those fields when creating the MSIX first time round and it likely checks to see if they are registered in the Store (which they are not).

Would that sound like the cause of the issue - Ive not had a chance to try uploading on of those to Intune to test.