No path to application after sideloading????

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Hello.  I hope I have the correct board for this post.


I have finally created my signed app for sideloading so I can test it.  It installs.  I can run it via Start Menu fine.  The problem is I cannot see it in my %PATH%:


C:\Program Files>where killerapp.exe
INFO: Could not find files for the given pattern(s).


 C:\Program Files>where cmd.exe


Since MSIX containerizes the app AND the apps get installed in %ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps and that directory is not open for access by default.   How can I get around this as the app gets run from a external web page?




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Hi @TuittiPazzi,


You can use AppExecutionAlias to approximate adding your executable to the Path.


<Extension Category="windows.appExecutionAlias"




    <desktop:ExecutionAlias Alias="[AliasName]" />




There's a section discussing this in:



Thanks. I added appExecutionAlias to my package.appxmanifest file in VS 2019, but I'm getting an 0x80004005 error trying to publish.

@TuittiPazzi Your external web page could use the PowerShell interface to locate and start the app.