Multiple MSIs/EXEs with Command Line?

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When the MSIX packaging tool is run manually, the documentation mentions the following: 

  • If you need to run multiple installers you can do that manually at this point.
  • If the app needs other pre-reqs, you need to install them now.

However, it seems there is no way to do this when running the tool via the command line. Is this something on the roadmap to implement? To possibly allow for multiple <Installer> nodes?


I would like to automate conversion of some of our MSI packages, but the vast majority of the MSIs I will be converting have dependencies on other MSIs or EXEs that I would like to install at the same time and be captured for an MSIX without having to click through the Packaging Tool and respective installers each time.

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I had also posted this as documentation feedback (GitHub Issue)


Here's the current workaround:

This is currently not supported but it is captured in the backlog. You can create a PowerShell script that runs all your MSIs or Setup.exes (or any copy operations) and pass the .ps1 file as your installer argument in the CLI template to workaround this.