MSIXBUNDLE installation does not create a shortcut on desktop

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I created side-load msixbundle for my WPF application using Windows Application Packaging Project. Everything else works well except installation does not create a shortcut on desktop. Is there a way to do that?  Windows version is 10.0.19042. Visual studio is version 16.8.6.  



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MSIX packages can only create application entry points (what you previously knew as shortcuts) only in the start menu. You can't create them on your desktop or any other folder.

Here is a more detailed explanation of how "shortcuts" work with MSIX packages:

Hi @Bogdan Mitrache 


Thank you for your reply.  It makes sense now.


Once the app is installed, there are "Pin to Start" and "Pin to Taskbar" options, are there ways to set "Pin to Taskbar" automatically by the MSIXBUNDLE during installation?




From what I know MSFT recommends we don't pin apps directly from the installation package, thus it provides no native support for this option.

However, after deployment, you can customize the apps pinned in the start menu or taskbar, and deploy this configuration separately. Here are more details:

@Bogdan Mitrache 


We're looking for a way to do the same thing.
The link you posted does not seem to have any distribution related contents.

If there is a way to distribute the configuration of the app fixed to the Start menu or the taskbar after distribution, I would like to know.


You can create a shortcut, there is a kind of hacky workaround