MSIX Runtime: Procmon and 0x368 result codes


While troubleshooting a MSIX package, I ran a procmon trace.  I noticed several registry calls with an operation RegOpenKey that returned with a result code of 0x368.  The error code 0x368 does not appear in the externally published windows error codes. And I don't ever recall seeing a numeric in the result column of a Procmon trace before!


It appears to me that this is a failure result, caused by the request being in incorrect case format for a portion of the key.  Specifically, I see it on requests for "HKLM\Software\…".  


In the cases that I have seen so far, the return is appropriately handled by the caller (or more likely by an API in between) and a secondary request is seen with the correct case (HKLM\SOFTWARE\….).  So in the examples that I have seen it isn't a real issue, just one that appears quite differently.  But there is always a chance that I haven't seen all the possible cases yet!


It would be nice if procmon were to be updated to resolve this error in a friendly name.  Perhaps the MSIX team can pass this on to whoever handles procmon these days (and maybe update that public error code list).


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