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MSIX- "First Launch Task" Issue to run the shortcuts

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Hi All,

Do you have any idea why MSIX is not allowing to run the shortcuts executable from "First Launch Task" phase. I am able to see the list of entry points, but when I try to execute the exe's its not allowing me to run it initially, but after some time it allowed to execute the exe, but again once is run it and tries to select the other exe from the list.. again its not allowing me to run it. again and again it is executing the earlier exe which I initially executed. 


I attached screenshot which has list of entry point available in "First Launch Task" Phase.

Please advice.

Thanks in Advance.

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What version of the MSIX Packaging Tool are you using?

Also, is this problem reproducible with other packages/applications? If not, can you share a download link for the package, to see if after the conversion we experience the same behavior?

Hi Bogdan Mitrache,
I am using latest one, I think.. because I have installed it from Microsoft Store on Win 10 21H1 build and the First Launch Issues facing on almost all packages and in few packages, we are able to run the shortcuts from MSIX packaging tool, that to its taking too much of time to access the exe to launch and we are facing this issue as a part of packaging, so it may not be issue after creating the package. I have already attached the screenshot where the Issues exists (



You can validate the version of your MSIX Packaging Tool by going to Settings > About within the tool.


I'd like to make sure I understand the exact behavior that is happening. When you select an entry point that is not the first one in the list, the tool isn't running that entry point but instead the first one in the list?


If this is a repeatable issue, please file feedback so we can properly investigate and fix it :)

Hi @ShakersMSFT 

I am using version 1.2021.422.0 of MSIX on Win 10 21H1 machine. The issue that I mention faced by me in almost all packages that I did. but some how I managed by executing the list of shortcuts from the Start Menu.

I will submit the feedback as per your suggestion. Hope we will get a fix on this. 



A common issue with that dialog is that you have to click in the *right* place on list item. I find that clicking in the empty space after the application name seems to work.

By the way, in our trainings we teach that if you need to run the application, you should do so while still in the monitoring mode of the previous screen.