MSIX Packaging Tool: Problem in getting Insider Preview

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@John Vintzel I attempted to get the latest MSIX Packaging Tool preview version on my PC (with Windows 10 insider build 19536). In spite of being part of the Insider Program and logged in with the same MSA account, MSIX Packaging Tool on my PC stays in public version 1.2019.1018.0 and doesn't update to the Insider Preview version 1.2019.1218.0. I have also tried getting the updates from the Store's tool page, but that doesn't show any updates either. Please clarify.

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Is the issue still occuring?  If so can you file a feedback item from the device and message me a link to the item?



@John Vintzel The issue still exists.

Feedback link from the device is:

hi, @shobz_krish 


Due to the holidays, we've had a bit of delay in the setup time of the Insider Program. If you joined within the last few weeks, you might have a delay in getting added to the program which could be why you aren't able to get the updates. Once you get the welcome email to the Insider Program, you should be good to go. Please follow up if you still aren't able to get the latest build within 24 hours of receiving the email. 




@ShakersMSFT The insiders preview of MSIX Packaging tool is now available. Thank you very much!


Just a point to make: The welcome email to the Insider Program was received last week but even then we were unable to get the insiders preview by then.