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MSIX Packaging Tool: Missing File Type Associations


This issue needs to be made against the packaging tool, as it will need to implement changes to support the feature, however I believe that a UAP schema extension for the package manifest is required.


The issue is that traditional Windows 7 file type associations include file types starting with a '.' character (which are supported in MSIX) and several other special file types (which are not).  All are traditionally registered using a key under one of the Classes keys.


This is not necessarily an exhaustive list, but here are the ones that I am aware of and run into:

  • "*" - This wild card indicates a match against ANY file type.  We often see this used in compression programs and cloud based storage apps.
  • "Folder" - Used for FTA, especially Shell and ShellEx against a folder.
  • "Directory" - Seems to be the same as Folder, but some apps use one and some the other and I cannot tell a difference in functionality (perhaps it was historical).
  • Drive - Rarely used, but allows an association against drives mounted to a letter.


The Manifest for uap6:SupportedFileType restricts the definition of file types to strings that start with the period character.  I think that this must change first.  The MSIX installer tech might need a refresh to support the expanded definition, however the actions taken should be identical.  Then the MSIX Packaging tool could be changed.


If you need examples of applications requiring this feature, start with WinZip, 7-Zip, and WinRAR.

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Thanks for your feedback!

We've added these suggestions to our backlog.



Hi @James Pike,


I am the author of BitZipper, a compression tool like WinZip. Adding a "Compress this file" to the right-click menu of any file type is an essential feature, and the lack of support for this in MSIX holds me back from publishing my software in the store.


@TIMOTHY MANGAN nails exactly what is needed in his post.


Of course, being able to specify a shell extension that allows several options for any file type would be more powerful (e.g., in my case, "Add to archive", "Compress", "Compress and email", etc.).


You wrote that the request was added to your backlog. Is there any way to follow the prioritization and roadmap for this feature?


Best regards,

Brian Rasmusson


Hi @brasmusson,


@Sharla_Akers should be able to assist you with questions about future roadmap.





If there is a specific feature you are looking please add it to the ideas section. We do our best to update as feature are being built and available to insider builds.


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