MSIX Packaging Tool: Installation Location issue


I used the packaging tool to package up FileZilla.  When in the wizard of the packaging tool, I specified an installation location of "C:\Program Files\FileZilla".  But then I let the FileZilla installer install to its default location of "C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP Client". 


My bad on not looking that up first, but the package creation fails as a result. In the log file (attaching log directory) we can see that the tool cannot validate the AppXManifest.xml file.  


In the Application element the Executable parameter is now " FTP Client\Filezillaclient.exe" and the validation fails due to the leading space character. But the real problem is how the packaging tool created that entry, blindly stripping off the installation location without considering this case, which should have been treated as a VFS path.

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