MSIX Packaging tool - Insider Release now available


The latest version of the MSIX Packaging tool is now available in insiders. With features of Package Analyzer, PSF Fixup configurations from MSIX Packaging tool itself, this will simplify conversion process for applications into the MSIX (and App Attach ready format). Review the features and download the latest version of the tool - details mentioned at What’s new in MSIX: October 2023 | Windows IT Pro Blog (

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That's a very welcome update, thanks I will def. test this.

Btw, one more thing that annoys me is that I have to sign the package again with each version update with the certificate. Sometimes I have to make up to 20 version before my app works the way I want to so I need to sign it 20 times. is there not a more convenient way to accomplish this?




It's great that you added these psf fixes. It does not run the package as administrator in the Packet Analyzer tab. That's why I can't analyze it.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Package xmlns="" xmlns:uap="" xmlns:uap10="" xmlns:rescap="" IgnorableNamespaces="uap uap10 rescap">
  <!--Package created by MSIX Packaging Tool version: 1.2023.1005.0-->
  <Identity Name="DismPlusPlus" Publisher="E=email address removed for privacy reasons, CN=Ottoman, OU=Ottoman, O=Ottoman, L=Istanbul, S=Turkiye, C=TR" Version="10.1.1002.0" ProcessorArchitecture="x64" />
      <uap10:Content Enforcement="on" />
    <Resource Language="en-us" />
    <TargetDeviceFamily Name="Windows.Desktop" MinVersion="10.0.17763.0" MaxVersionTested="10.0.22000.1" />
    <Application Id="DSMXSixFour" Executable="VFS\AppVPackageDrive\Dism++\Dism++x64.exe" EntryPoint="Windows.FullTrustApplication">
      <uap:VisualElements BackgroundColor="transparent" DisplayName="Dism++x64" Square150x150Logo="Assets\DSMXSixFour-Square150x150Logo.png" Square44x44Logo="Assets\DSMXSixFour-Square44x44Logo.png" Description="Dism++x64">
        <uap:DefaultTile Wide310x150Logo="Assets\DSMXSixFour-Wide310x150Logo.png" Square310x310Logo="Assets\DSMXSixFour-Square310x310Logo.png" Square71x71Logo="Assets\DSMXSixFour-Square71x71Logo.png" />
    <uap10:Extension Category="windows.installedLocationVirtualization">
        <uap10:UpdateActions AddedItems="keep" DeletedItems="reset" ModifiedItems="keep" />
<Capabilities><Capability Name="internetClient" /><rescap:Capability Name="allowElevation" /><rescap:Capability Name="runFullTrust" /></Capabilities></Package>

 Also, as I mentioned before, the starting point of portable programs is still not detected. 

@martijnk79 - we strongly encourage packages to be signed for security reasons. But, during conversion if you have a need for repeated repackaging, you can create the package without signing and use command line to install the package. Create an unsigned MSIX package - MSIX | Microsoft Learn

I mentioned something else here, you are telling me about package signing. My packages are already signed
we strongly encourage packages to be signed for security reasons. But, during conversion if you have a need for repeated repackaging, you can create the package without signing and use command line to install the package -

@martijnk79 You can save your signing certificate details in the settings page. With this the signing details will always be prefilled during all the flows.

@atplsx - thanks for the input. In the preview version, analyzer tab doesn't work for apps that need elevated permissions. The item is in the backlog and we are looking to address this soon.

Any idea how to download the insider release? I signed up but there's only a Windows store version. I need to install it to Windows Server 2019.


@martijnk79  Insider releases are only available via store. There will be a GA release in couple of weeks' time.

For some reason it's not available through Windows store as well. 807 seems to be the latest version. I did sign up for the insider program.

Hi @martijnk79 
Thanks for signing up for the Insiders Program. I see that you've been added to the list. Please try re-installing the latest version 1.2023.1005.0 of the MSIX packaging tool from Microsoft store here.




I have been unable to get the new version from the store.  I thought perhaps my old signup had somehow expired, but I signed up again and it still just does not show.  Only the 1.2023.807 version.



Hi @Tim Mangan 

I have added you to the Insiders Program.
You should now get the latest Version 1.2023.1005.0 in Preview. 


@Fiza_Azmi Unfortunately not working. I seem to keep getting 1.2022.718 if I log in using any of the accounts registered with the program (2022.807 otherwise). Could there be something in the insider program that keeps me on the old preview?

@Tim Mangan 
Have updated the group - It should work now. 

Thank you @Fiza_Azmi, that cleared up the problem and I am now testing the preview!
It would also be helpful for those using an offline environment to be able to obtain it outside of the store as part of the insider program.