MSIX Packaging Tool - Insider Preview: Issue in including services with dependencies

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@John Vintzel I tried to create a package from an existing EXE with MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Preview 1.2019.1218.0 on Win 10 Insider Preview Build 19536. The EXE includes a service that has a dependency on services namely SQL Server and WMI (which are outside the package). MSIX Packaging Tool lists the service as "Excluded Services", reason being displayed as "Invalid Dependencies". 

And even when the dependencies of the service were manually removed, the package doesn't deploy the service at all.


Question is: Why is it NOT possible to include a service that has a dependency outside the package?

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Hi @shobz_krish,


Unfortunately at this time, this is a limitation in our support for packaged services. We are aware of this limitation and are continually working to improve our packaged services support.




@Sharla_Akers Thank you!


Just another question: In 20H1 Insider's preview, will it also be possible to create MSIX packages for services from Visual Studio as well?

@shobz_krish Packaged Services generally designed for apps no under active development.  For active development we highly recommend moving to long running tasks.