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MSIX Packaging of Office applications ( VISIO/PROJECT/PROPLUS)

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Hi Everyone ,


has anyone tried to create MSIX package for office application. I am creating it. after MSIX conversion , when I launch the shortcut it says "the Parameter is incorrect" however there is no parameter passed to target exe ( VISIO.exe)


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It is not recommended to convert Office Pro Plus, Visio, or Project to MSIX at this time. Office is working with Windows to integrate MSIX In a future release.


John Vintzel (@jvintzel)


Hello John

Is the MSIX version of Microsoft Office still relevant?
Perhaps good news in 2021?
Many people are waiting for this event to open the era of MSIX in their company.



Windows and Office are working hard to enable M365 Apps (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel) to be packaged and delivered in MSIX format with the same full extensibility that customer enjoy in Click-to-Run and MSI; we’ll communicate details and timelines as these become available. 


John Vintzel (@jvintzel)

Is there any new update?? can we MSIX package MS Project and Visio now? We tried to package but it fails.
Hi, at this time there are no new updates to share. We'll communicate details as they become available.

@Dian Hartono Is it possible now to package up O365 MS Visio Pro into MSIX to convert to App-Attach?

@Dian Hartono Please confirm whether can we convert Visio to msix now.