MSIX Packages for Microsofts Products - (Timeframes)

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I know you have previously mentioned not to convert Office packages to MSIX.  Is it possible to convert the App-V packages from the Office Deployment Tool to MSIX? These are in a closer format to MSIX.


Also, is there a big thrust at Microsoft to start releasing MSIX packages for their products in 2020? It would be a big vote of confidence for enterprises and the community if we saw this coming from Microsoft as well.




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@whittak222 We don't recommend converting Office to MSIX.  Office is working towards MSIX, but we do not have public timelines to share at this time. 



@John Vintzel Has there been any changes to this yet? 


I've packaged apps that are in .exe format and are available as a stand-alone. Now I need to package Office 2016 that has a range of files with different extensions. MSIX Packaging Tool is asking to choose the installer I want to package. What should I actually package? 


Similarly, I also want to package Visual Studio 2019 using MSIX Packaging tool.


Please assist.

I don't have a public update to share on behalf of Office at this time.