MSIX Package Tool: Wishlist for converting MSI Package

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converting a msi package to msix works good but it results in a big overhead. The msix package includes the full msi repository data, liked the cached msi package (c:\windows\installer), transforms and icons and all of registry data for components, featues and so on. I think that these ressources has no relevance in appx/msix world. It was perfectly to integrate the places into the file and registry exclusion list bei default.




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Thanks for the feedback. Its something we are looking to get fixed.  For the short term if you select Settings > File Exclusions to have the folder ignored.

Unfortunately a "smarter" exclusion is generally required for this. The files left in the installer cache can generally be discarded, but there are exceptions to this.


One exception is when integration components reference files in the installer cache as icon references. Shortcuts, FTAs, etc sometimes do this. Another exception is that fonts are sometimes put there (yeah, they shouldn't be but it happens).


This is one of the reasons for the idea to allow packaging tool plugins, so third parties can write "better" logic for filtering or analysis/fixup.