MSIX Package Tool: Prepare Computer failures


I use a VM from a snapshot.  I revert it, boot, login, and start the tool.


When I get to the prepare computer screen it always finds search and update to disable.


About 30% of the time one of them will not be disabled when I hit the "Disable selected" button.  Usually I can hit the button again and it clears, but in some cases I have to hit it twice.  This is "OK", but perhaps hints to some possible code improvements.  If I'm doing this I really want those services killed and I want them killed NOW.  So feel free to be more aggressive....

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Great info.  It would be great if you can file a feedback item from the device.  Just hit the Settings Icon > Feedback > Send Feedback.





Did so.  Had to send it anonymous, but used the same title as used in this feedback. 

Hi Timothy, 


Just want to follow up here, are you still hitting this issue?




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Vastly reduced in 915. I think I saw only one. Would need to get image snapshot further from updates (and I'm out of office for a month) to really verify.

But consider it solved for now and I will refile if I are it again.