MSIX Package Tool / Lack of Full Trust App-V


If you produce an MSIX package using the MSIX Packaging Tool by feeding it an App-V package for conversion, the package is not marked for "Full Trust" capabilities, only "Uses all system resources".

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"Uses all system resource" is the friendly name for runFullTrust capability that you see called out in App installer and Store product description page. Let me know if I misunderstood your comment.

OK.  So my response is, "gee, that's confusing!".

This is good feedback, but we did hear the opposite when we launched the app installer.  Things that are manifest items did not translate correctly for the typical end user.  As such, since the AppInstaller App is more end user driven, we landed on using friendly strings to help describe the capabilities.  As always you can look at the manifest through package editor and see the technical name.



Well I hate the term "full trust" since it really isn't fully trusted anyway.  But in the name of consistency perhaps a hover/tooltip showing the manifest name might lead to less confusion.  Or change the XML (it's not too late; nothing is packaged for production yet).