MSIX package not accepted at Partner Center

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I've been trying to upload a MSIX package created with the packaging-tool to a product created in the Partner Center / Windows Developer section but it isn't accepted due to an error:


"Package acceptance validation error: Your developer account isn't authorized to submit apps that use the runFullTrust capability."


However the runFullTrust capability is being automatically set by the packaging tool.

After searching the web I fould a hint that the mentioned authorization can be requested using via Developer Support. I opened a ticket last year in december and explained the issue to the support engineer but they seem to be confused with the issue. They "work" on this request for about 3 or 4 weeks already and there is no solution in sight.


Could there be a more practical path for submitting misx packages to products? Currently we just do a dry-run test for a MS store submission but it seems highly complicated.



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@Mipumi Thanks for writing. 

Please refer to the document under Store support:

Currently, MSIX installation through the Microsoft Store and Microsoft Store for Business require Windows 10 version 1803.


@Dian Hartono 


I'm not having a problem with MSIX packages locally - I have a problem with acceptance of created packages while uploading them to the Partner Center / Store submission.

I'm aware of the necessity of a certain Windows version to run the MSIX Packaging Tool. The use of it is pretty straightforward. However those packages are not being accepted at Microsoft's package upload page during app submission.
Our MSIX package (created with the packaging tool) is obviously being refused due to the runFullTrust capability (enforced by the packaging tool). I read several documents regarding app submission and the best explanation was to request an authorization for that capability.

My guess is that the submission team at MS can authorize a product or account to accept those runFullTrust packages. I tried to request that through a dev support ticket but the support engineer that grabbed the ticket doesn't seem to have a clue about the issue and appears not to be able to get help from other's.


So I'm trying to find some help in the MS Tech Community.

@Mipumi Thanks for the clarification. MSIX Packaging Tool automatically adds RunFullTrust as a restricted capability.  For your submission to the store, you need to provide a good reason why that capability is there. If your app does not need this capability to run, simply remove the capability using the Package Editor in the MSIX Packaging Tool. 


For more information about restricted capability see this page.



@Mipumi to understand better your scenario, are you trying to publish it on Partner Center so that people can download the application from the public Store or from the Store for Business, correct?

When do you get this error? In the section where you are required to upload your package?


In theory, what should happen is that, when you upload an application which uses a restricted capability (like runFullTrust, in this case), Partner Center will trigger a new field, in which you can specify the reason why you're requesting such a capability. In case of applications packaged as MSIX, it's usually enough to specify that it's a Win32 application to get approval, since in this scenario the runFullTrust capability is required.


If you aren't experiencing this behavior, can you please share with me your Publisher Id? I will take a look to understand what's going on.

@Matteo Pagani 

We are actually trying out how to publish a game app to the public store.

The arror about the authorization for runFullTrust is immediately appearing in the package upload section of a product right after the upload of the msix package is finished.

There is no way of removing the runFullTrust capability when using the MSIX packaging tool:

- no UI checkbox available for this capability
- manifest file is being overwritten after capability manually removed from there

I haven't found a field where I could write a reason why we need this capability. However the error prevents us from submitting in general bacause the package is not being accepted.
Our developer IDs are:

Seller ID    55336000
Windows publisher ID     CN=DD4FE69E-28E9-49FF-9F80-EC9078D1BA52

Can you send me a screenshot of the error you're seeing in partner center related to the capability? Feel free to send it over by mail, my address is my (replace name.surname with matteo.pagani).



@Mipumi (Just my personal experience; your experience may vary)


It has been a while since I added a new product using MSIX, but I recall there being a field at the bottom of the submission form where you could add a note to the reviewers. I found it necessary to add in an explanation that it is an MSIX package. You shouldn't need more than that explanation unless you add in additional capabilities, such as for elevation.


I found that often the initial submission is rejected anyway but following back against that rejection can be successful as they pay more attention.  Subsequent updates to the products seem to go very smoothly once you get through the process once.

@Dian Hartono I have the same problem with remove "runFullTrust" capability.


I removed that, and get this error


[2021/2/17 下午 02:31:00] [Debug] Attempting to read and validate the saved manifest file: %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MsixPackagingTool_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\DiagOutputDir\Logs_20\kftcqhm3.gtp.Manifest
[2021/2/17 下午 02:31:00] [Error] System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80080204): 無法指出的錯誤

'SWD7Demo' 違反 '\bms-resource:.{1,256}' 的 'pattern' 條件。

於 System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo)
於 Microsoft.ApplicationVirtualization.Packaging.Impl.AppxManifestReader..ctor(String path)
於 Microsoft.ApplicationVirtualization.Packaging.AppxPackageFactory.ReadManifest(String path)
於 MsixGenerator.MsixPackageEditor.ValidateManifestOrThrow(String manifestPath)
於 MsixGenerator.MsixPackageEditor.TryParseManifestFile(String manifestPath)
[2021/2/17 下午 02:31:00] [Warning] 無法分析資訊清單。編輯資訊清單檔以修正錯誤。

@CloudChen can you clarify where are you getting this error? If it's a Win32 app packaged as MSIX, the runFUllTrust capability is required, it can't be removed.


@Matteo Pagani 


Thanks for reply.


I packed installer using Inno Setup Compiler and program was created by Unreal Engine with Visual Studio 2019 Win64.

Is the runFullTrust capability also required?




Error log get from log file 


@Matteo Pagani 


Another question is in Partner Center

I got this error

"Package acceptance validation error: Your developer account isn’t authorized to submit apps that use the runFullTrust capability."


How to resolve this?

@CloudChen yes, it is required. The only apps which don't need such a capability are Universal Windows Platform applications.

When you upload a package which uses the runFullTrust capability, you should see an extra step in the certification process where you will be asked why you need a restricted a capability.

In such a scenario, it's simply enought to specify that your is a Win32 app packaged as MSIX to get the approval.




@Matteo Pagani 


Got it.

Thanks for your answering.