MSIX Package Editor command line?

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I wonder if I can do the following by command line: adding files to an existing MSIX package.


I have was able to do that for ClickOnce, using Mage: adding a directory with dlls and resigning it. That also succeeded automatically in an Azure pipeline in combination with Powershell.


I have managed to manually do the same for an MSIX package, using Package Editor (that part of the MsixPackageTool). I can still do that in a self hosted Azure pipeline. My next step would be to automatically do so by command line.


So I wonder if that is possible with Package Editor. So far I have not found any way of doing that.


Is there anyone that can lead me in the right direction, or would this be a feature request?



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Hi @Robert_Trebor


We do not currently support this, but I do encourage you to file it under the 'Ideas' section so we can track it as a feature request. 






How's that?


I see other people asking the same question. Why can't this simply be an 'idea' and put forward by Microsoft?

Please, HELP US. We are trying to use and help IMPROVE YOUR stuff.

Hi @Robert_Trebor 


My recommendation is to use the MSIX Packaging Tool if you need to convert existing installers or create a modification package.


If you have an app for which you are still writing code then I recommend using the  Windows Application Packaging Project from Visual Studio or use tools like Advanced Installer to create and maintain your MSIX up to date. 

Both VS and Advanced Installer will give you a project which you can integrate into your Azure pipeline.

Disclaimer: I work on the team building Advanced Installer.



Hello Sharla, I also opine that extending the MSIX Packaging Tool functionality by adding a new command allowing to add some files or folders to the exiting MSIX package would be very helpful.

Are there any options to do so during the automated conversion of MSI packages into MSIX format using MSIX Packaging Tool?