MSIX pacakge install Error The path VFS\SystemX64 was not found. (0x80070002)

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Hi Team,


I have successfully packaging an Northgate Inforamtion@workclient 5.11  to an MSIX App.

When i go to install the MSIX, it runs to 99% and gives following error:


App installation failed with error message: AppxManifest.xml(1427,12): error 0x80070002: Cannot register the InformationWork5.11_5.11.5.0_x64__ad3px5fyzws66 package. The path VFS\SystemX64 was not found. (0x80070002)


Value in manifest file is below:

<com:TypeLib Id="9ba20f88-ba59-11d1-bedb-b35224e9a112">
          <com:Version VersionNumber="2.1" LocaleId="0" LibraryFlag="2" HelpDirectory="VFS\SystemX64">
            <com:Win32Path Path="VFS\SystemX86\AddFlow2.ocx" />
        <com:TypeLib Id="a8e5842e-102b-4289-9d57-3b3f5b5e15d3">
          <com:Version VersionNumber="10.4" LocaleId="0" LibraryFlag="2" HelpDirectory="VFS\SystemX64">
            <com:Win32Path Path="VFS\SystemX86\Codejock.Controls.v16.4.0.ocx" />
        <com:TypeLib Id="b8e5842e-102b-4289-9d57-3b3f5b5e15d3">
          <com:Version VersionNumber="10.4" LocaleId="0" LibraryFlag="2" HelpDirectory="VFS\SystemX64">
            <com:Win32Path Path="VFS\SystemX86\Codejock.TaskPanel.v16.4.0.ocx" />


I have modify the value "SystemX64" to "System" but no luck.


Please advise how this can be resolved, this is impacting our BAU.

I have also attached the log.

Appreciate if someone can assist me ASAP.






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Hi @Santosh945,


The com typelib validation requires that the path for the help directory actually exist within your msix package. Given your error, I would assume that it does not.


The help directory is optional and given that the packaging tool did not pick up any files deployed to those locations, seems likely that it is not used by your application.


I'd suggest deleting the helpdirectory attributes from those elements and trying again.