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Hi All,


We are converting app-v packages to MSIX via MSIX packaging tool. The conversion happens without any issue. All our application creates shortcut in a common folder created for the app in Start menu. When we install the MSIX app via powerhsell script we get installation successful message but we don't see any shortcut created for the application which is present in app-v. for few apps shortcut in placed in direct start menu than the unique folder. Kindly suggest how to fix this.




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Hi @NathanielThomas ,

Would you be able to share the App-V package with us? If yes, you can DM me.



@Nathan @ravishroshan

The most common cause of this that I run into in the conversion is that the actual lnk file put down by the original installer is often not present in the App-V file. This seems to cause the MMPT to miss (or mess up) the entry in the MSIX AppXManifest, even though there was a shortcut entry in the App-V AppXManifest.
Done some bulk conversions and from what I noticed:
- shortcuts to executables that are not included within the MSIX package are ignore (e.g. cmd.exe etc) - you will need to inject PSF to fix this
- if the AppV pacakge contains 2 or more shortcuts pointing to the same executable but running it with different arguments, then the arguments are ignored during the conversion and only one entry is created in the AppXManifest - you will need to inject PSF to fix this

With regards to the application entry in StartMenu, you can use VisualGroup attribute