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MSIX Navision 5 environment variables with PsfLauncher

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We have an App-V of Navision 5, yeah very old app I know but still running in production. I converted this app to MSI-X with the latest MSI-X packaging tool. The problem is, this program is using env variables in the startup parameter. Here is my config.json which doesn't work.


	"applications": [
            	"id": "FINSQL",
            	"executable": "VFS\\ProgramFilesX86\\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\\CSIDE Client\\finsql.exe", 
            	"arguments": "servername=VMPDCSQLFRF01,database=FRF,id=${env:APPDATA}\\FRF.zup,objectcache=81920,temppath=${env:TEMP}",
		"workingDirectory": "${env:HOMEDRIVE}${env:HOMEPATH}" 

I wonder what the right approach is? I've tried just %TEMP% but that doesn't seem to work at all.




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The workingDirectory value does not accept environment variables.

You can probably achieve what you want by specifying the relative path to the temp folder, as in "VFS\LocalAppData\Temp". This assumes that there is no need for the application to work with the real temp folder; it just wants a playground to work in.

Specification of native locations in the workingDirectory field is not something I have considered before. It would not be hard to add to the launcher, but I have no plans at this time.



Thanks for your reply, VFS\LocalAppData\Temp would def. work for me as well. Indeed it just needs some dir to write to. I will test this.


Thanks again!