MSIX Modification package-file customization with Package Support Framework sample

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Hello there,


I had created MSIX package with package support framework file-redirection fixup applied which has the scenario of looking for config.txt file in the current directory.

  • Created a MSIX package keeping sample application in VFS directory
  • Sample application will look for config.txt in current directory
  • Didn't add the specific file in main package
  • Applied file-redirection fixup to the specific sample
  • Installed and ran main package which will fail to find the file in the current directory
  • Created a modification package by adding the specific file to the current directory which is in VFS
  • Installed modification package with which it is able to find missed out file
  • My assumption was on uninstalling the modification package will retain its old behavior back
  • But it wasn't,sample was still able to find the file which doesn't exist.By this,the behavior of modification package seems little weird,is that something with PSF modification package won't work properly?

Can anyone please explain me why this is happening?





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Hi @Jenifer Rajendren 


I just re-tested the samples I had for my Ignite 2018 demo on modification packages and I don't reproduce your behavior. When I uninstall the modification package the main does not find my config file anymore. What Win 10 version are you using?


Here you can find my sample packages if you want to test them.


Also, I assume you correctly uninstall the modification package, from Settings app? And restarted your app from start menu?



Hi @Bogdan Mitrache ,


Thanks for the response.I too have a sample where file customization works.The non-working scenario is specific with PSF applied sample application:

Sample can be found at:

I had applied file redirection fixup in which intentionally i dint add "Config.txt".On applying modification package it is able to find Config.txt if i remove modification package(Yes,i had uninstalled it from App add-ons & downloadable content only.That is the primary way to uninstall i guess) the sample application was still able to find Config.txt though it isn't there in the current directory mentioned in config.json.




Hi @Jenifer Rajendren Thank you for posting your question. Which file-direction fix up did you use? Did you ensure that the proper .dll get applied? Also, did you try to create a modification package because the package support framework did not work?