MSIX Incompatiblities

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While going through the incompatibility list for MSIX in the below Microsoft link:

There is one point mentioned regarding shell extensions i.e. in-process extensions, like shell extensions, aren't supported. can anyone elaborate on what are the registry entries associated with in-process shell extensions. If we were to look for in-process shell extensions inside an application what registry entries represent that. It would be helpful so that we can scan an application for such incompatibilities. any information regarding this would be very helpful.






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I would suggest that you go through the free eBook that came out in December. In that book we help you walk through how to analyze your current source code to determine if you have certain things that will need remediation to move into MSIX, and how to do so. This includes what to look for to determine if you have Shell Extensions and which ones are handled by MSIX today with remediation. You will have to register with Revenera to download the 200+ page eBook, but it is free and they don't seem to hassle anyone.