MSIX Custom Uninstall Processing

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What approaches/workarounds are available to perform custom actions on uninstall with MSIX?  For example - to direct the user to a post-uninstall survey, or to collect uninstall events on a per-user basis.

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At this time there is no support for custom actions on uninstall.



Hello @John Vintzel,

Is there a plan to support custom uninstall in near future?

This feature would be of great benefit for enterprise scenarios.



The app is installed in a container with file and registry virtualization.  We also redirect the data to app data.  There should not be a need for a custom uninstall.



@John Vintzel we've got an app, currently in MSI-only, that should ideally perform some cleanup on our remote server (through a JSON API) when uninstalled. How can a call to a remote server be triggered on uninstall if there is no uninstall customization?