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Having another easy app called mRemoteNG that throws lots of error. Automated package script located here for reproduction.

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and the app itself throws this error

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From what I see, the MSIX Packaging Tool is not detecting the COM registrations for this app correctly. Then, when you execute it it fails because the package is missing the needed COM registrations.


I tried converting the app and the tool seems to be having issues converting the registrations for InprocServer and registrations under the WOW6432Node key on x64. I'm not sure if there is a way to tweak the registrations to make the tool detect them correctly.


Thank you for reporting this. We will look into fixing it for future releases of the tool.





I have a working package for that app.  I had to use the MSI installer (not the portable one), include the file redirection fixup, and oddly I had to specify the install folder (PVAD Style not VFS).  I also had to keep AppDataLocal configuration out of the package.