MSIX automatic update not working unless I restart my computer

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I created a webpage that contains a link that allows end users to download and update their software.

The HTML webpage links to the AppInstaller and launches the installer window when clicked.

The entire workflow is automated using Azure CI/CD pipelines where we transfer the msix and appinstaller to a IIS server using FTP so every time we change the source code, it gets built, packaged, and transferred to a host so users can download and upgrade. Each deployment replaces both the msix and appinstaller files with new files on the host but the download link still points to the appinstaller and is able to serve the installer since the name and the location of it does not change.


Everything works except the automatic updates. If the end user launches the app, they don't get prompted with the new version and the option to update until they restart their computer. But if they click on the installation link, the update window will pop up as expected.


I have tested this multiple times. It happens consistently and again the only solution that has worked for me do far, is rebooting the computer.


What am I doing wrong here? 




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Let's start with the simple stuff. Can you post the XML of the AppInstaller file? [Feel free to redact links with replacements like "server", "share", and "file" if necessary.]



Hi Timothy,


sorry for the delayed reply.

Here's what's inside the AppInstaller

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<AppInstaller Uri="" Version="" xmlns="">
  <MainPackage Name="12345678-1234-4333-12f3-123456789f12" Version="" ProcessorArchitecture="x64" Publisher="CN=My Company, O=My Company, STREET=My Address, L=Somewhere, S=State, C=US" Uri="" />
    <OnLaunch HoursBetweenUpdateChecks="0" ShowPrompt="true" UpdateBlocksActivation="true" />


And here's the issue:

Every time I build and package the app, I sent it over to a IIS server via FTP which replaces the old .msix and .appinstaller files with the new ones. But when I launch my already installed app, it does not recognize that there's a new version available so it moves forward with opening the application without updating.


What I am missing?





What version OS are you deploying onto?


Note the difference in the Publisher field in the following file.  It is the one I use to distribute my TMEditX product with updates.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<AppInstaller Version="" Uri="" xmlns="">
<MainPackage Name="TMEditX" Publisher="CN=&quot;TMurgent Technologies, LLP&quot;, O=&quot;TMurgent Technologies, LLP&quot;, STREET=26 Angela Street, L=Canton, S=Massachusetts, PostalCode=02021, C=US" ProcessorArchitecture="x64" Version="" Uri="" />
<OnLaunch HoursBetweenUpdateChecks="0" ShowPrompt="false" />
<AutomaticBackgroundTask />