MSIX App Attach - Staging Fails

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Am trying trying out the MSIX App Attach feature on my lab. I have a Physical machine with W10 1909 Enterprise Build. Sideloading is enabled on the same. Am following the documentation here


Everything works until the below line under Staging:

$asyncOperation = $packageManager.StagePackageAsync("$path", $null, "StageInPlace")


Upon execution of above line, get the below error:

Cannot convert argument "deploymentOptions", with value: "StageInPlace", for "StagePackageAsync" to type "Windows.Management.Deployment.DeploymentOptions": "Cannot convert value "StageInPlace" to type
"Windows.Management.Deployment.DeploymentOptions". Error: "Unable to match the identifier name StageInPlace to a valid enumerator name. Specify one of the following enumerator names and try again:
None, ForceApplicationShutdown, DevelopmentMode, InstallAllResources, ForceTargetApplicationShutdown, RequiredContentGroupOnly, ForceUpdateFromAnyVersion, RetainFilesOnFailure""


I see 2004 release of W10 as Pre-req. Is this only because of the fact that sideloading is enabled on this build. If yes, I have that enabled on my W10 1909 build as well.


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Windows 10 2004 build is required due to some specific APIs it offers. You will not be able to execute the discussed overload of StagePackageAsync on Windows 1909, regardless of the sideloading settings. Upgrade your lab to Windows 10 2004 or an Insider build 19041+.

@marcinotorowskiThank You for confirming!