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As I have understood it, MSIX was the package format that would replace the "old ways" of doing things and vendors including MS would begin distributing their applications in MSIX form.  Yet, I can't seem to find Power BI Desktop as an MSIX.  Am I just stupid and can't find what I'm looking for or is there a reason that the MSIX is not available as a download directly from MS?


I am beginning to get MSIX App Attach working in our WVD (now AVD) environment with a couple of simple MSIX packages I created, but I need this functionality for apps like PBIDesktop.  The app updates every five minutes and being able to use MSIX App Attach is appealing.

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Hi, you can get the MSIX version of Power BI Desktop app through the store

@Dian Hartono Can the MSIX be downloaded from anywhere?

Here is the link to all supported OS and features
This only provides access to the .exe installer...