[MSIX] - A list of packaged Apps

Dear Community,

As more and more customers are starting to be curious and some of them even migrate a good part of their apps to the MSIX format, I invite you to list the apps that you successfully packaged in MSIX format.

It would really help us (Premier Field Engineers) to have an insight of how the product is behaving and provide useful feedback to our customers.

Thank you in advance,
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Hi @WesleeJKN0487 


We (at Advanced Installer) has something in progress on this topic, hopefully in a few weeks we can publish the first version.


Anything particular that you would like to see in this list? Like any specific details of the app you're interest in? Or do you have a list of apps in mind?

Hi @Bogdan Mitrache,


Thanks for the heads-up, let's say that it would help us to have an insight on the types of apps that could be packaged with MSIx (with or without examples, with or without full functionality) like :

App1 : 7-Zip; Type : Archiving tool, core app; Functionality : partial (context-menu not available or available with extra-effort - i.e. PSF customization, scripts etc)


App2 : GIMP; Type : Image editor; Functionality : Full (with extra-effort on plugin registration/placement - i.e. PSF, scripts or extra-customization before/while/after capture)


App3 : an app with services and fonts


App4 : an app with lots of files and reg entries like MatLab


and so on.

I was just pinpointing some examples, of course, it is your decision on how would you structure the results of your studies.


The more diverse and inclusive the list, the better the view we could provide to our customers in regards to their MSIx adoption journey.

Thanks and kind regards,



Hi @WesleeJKN0487 


The Advanced Installer team has released a new resource for the community, with information about the apps our team tested for MSIX conversion.




We're eager to hear your feedback and also receive contributions from the community.