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We have not been able to compile a Word 2003 package with the Advanced Installer for MSIX. Several COM objects have to be handled special and several registry entries have to be defined by hand.
In addition, there is an extensive VBA application programmed in our house, which should also be in the package included. But I think the big stopper is already the plain Word 2003.
If there is no chance to make it with Word 2003, Word 2010 would also be an option. But all newer Word programs no longer support custom xml are not usable for our use case.

We would also need a clean documentation for the procedure of MSIX creation, so we can compile a new MSIX app without external support in the future, when we make changes to our VBA code or new Word print templates.
I would also be willing to pay a reasonable amount for a solution.

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Hi @michael müller 


The package for Office applications is not something that can be automatically converted to MSIX or App-V (for that matter), without any inside information about how it was built (information only available to the MS teams).


My recommendation is to way until MS publishes its own version of an MSIX installer for Office.  This is what they did for App-V too, they had to make a special build since their own App-V Sequencer couldn't simply repackage it successfully.


Here is an excerpt from the last article linked above:

Office 2016 App-V Packages are created using the Office Deployment Tool, which generates an Office 2016 App-V Package. The package cannot be created or modified through the App-V sequencer. 



@Bogdan Mitrachethank you for your information.

For us, it would be important, that our lagacy Word will be suported als well.
In what timeframe do you think it would be available, maybe there is already some kind of beta in the early adopter program?