MPT: Allow reordering of entrypoints in "First launch tasks"

MPT: Allow reordering of entrypoints in "First launch tasks"
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If re-packaging an app with multiple shortcuts, one of them becomes the default entrypoint to launch when the package is installed on end-user machines.  It isn't clear how that is selected, but it does look like the top one in the manifest is it.


While you can manually edit the manifest, we should prefer packagers not do that when possible.  Therefore a good solution to setting the default launch would be to provide a selection dialog in the "First launch tasks" dialog of the packaging tool.  Up/Down arrows would suffice.

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Hi Tim,


We started a discussion on this topic a long time ago too when the issue was raised by one of our users.


You would say that the order of the apps in the manifest would be the one that defines the default app, but in our tests (at that time), this wasn't the case, so we decided to hide the option "Set as default app" from Advanced Installer, until we get a clear/stable solution from MSFT.


Have there been any changes in the meantime @John Vintzel? Can we rely on the manifest order of the apps now?


@Bogdan Mitrache If you are installing the app with the AppInstaller App it should now default to launching the first app in the manifest.  The app needs to be version  1.0.31351.0 or later.

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