Modification package and new shortcuts


I would like to be able to have a package, and then create a modification package that adds in the ability to add a trace.  To do this involves adding the PsfLauncher, required dlls including the tracefixup, config.json file, and a new shortcut to point to PsfLauncher.


When I attempt this, the modification package has the new lnk file in the assets, but the shortcut does not appear in the manifest and therefore isn't deployed.


We'll need shortcuts for modification packages.

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By the way, while we probably need shortcuts in the modification packages for other reasons, my goal for debugging in this case could be solved via a different new feature...


The equivalent of a Start-AppVVirtualProcess powershell cmdlet for MSIX would be awesome.

Sounds like a couple things for the Ideas section.



Hi Tim,


Have you tried Invoke-CommandInDesktopPackage cmdlet? It works for me with appx and msix packages (it crashed on my insider builds back in August, but now (December 2018) all seems good).


P.S. We have an update in progress for this free tool, to also support msix/appx packages on top of its current support for app-v. It should help out a little bit more with debugging. (If you have any tips/improvements to recommend leave me a PM)

No, I didn't find that one as the naming is rather inconsistent with other existing cmdlets that use the start verb. 

Thanks - I'll put it on my list of things to look into.


@Bogdan Mitrache wrote:

Hi Tim,


Have you tried Invoke-CommandInDesktopPackage cmdlet? It worked for me some months ago on a few appx packages, but haven't tried on the 1809 update (it crashed on my insider builds back in August :().


@Tim Mangan yes, i would like that option as wel as you know ;)
I ant to have a shortcut in the modification package referred to odbcad32.exe so the user can create DSN's in de MSIX bubble.