Microsoft Packaging Tool Crash


Have an oddity here.  On all of my 1903 VMs, the MSIX Packaging tool is complaining about the signature of my certificate when I launch the tool (this was pre-stored in the snapshot) and crashes if I either try to fix that, or just try to go to the options.  This is 2019.701 on a 1903 build patched a week or so ago before the snapshot.  And the snapshot was working fine last week.  Is anyone else seeing this?

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Note: I deleted the settings.xml file from the local cache and the problem went away. That settings file was dated mid-august so I know nothing happened to the file.

Hi Tim,


Thats a interesting problem. If you happen to still have a copy of the settings file that was causing the crash, please share it with me.  I'd like to try to reproduce the issue.