Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool and COM Capture issues leading to incorrect manifests


Version: MMPT 2020.1219

OS:        20H2

Example Application: MikTex


Capturing MikTex leads to an inability to save the package.  This is traced down to a problem with the manifest which can be confirmed by using the package editor to edit the manifest and saving without change.


The most obvious issue is duplicate entries for many of the package level COM extension items.  In particular, com:ProxyStub and com:Interface elements contain duplicates that violate the uniqueness rule for the Id parameters.  Manually cleaning out these duplicate entries leads to a valid manifest.


I'll attach an edited copy of the manifest where I have commented out all of the duplicates.  Note that there is an additional issue in the package whereas the MMPT detected app level com:SurrogateServer that it thought it should add but was unable to do so and just added it as a comment.  I did not add that comment; it came from the tool itself.


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Thank you for alerting us of this @TIMOTHY MANGAN ,


As I understand this is the same issue you reported earlier in MSIX Packaging Tool failure due to non-unique Com:ProxyStub - Microsoft Tech Community, or am I missing something?


This is in our backlog and we will fix it for future releases of the tool. In the meantime, I managed to reproduce the issue and I will let you know if I find any possible workaround to make the tool do the right thing without manually editing the manifest.

Yes it is. I finally got back to reproducing/documenting issues I found during the holiday testing period. Didn't realize I already put it in. But at least now you can see what app is was to repo.