Making Back-rev versions of the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool available


My latest tests show that about 13-15% of typical enterprise apps have some of the COM based issues that break in the October and November 2021 MMPT releases. 


While I happened to have squirrelled away a 1.2021.709 release installer that I can use to keep productive (well, at least as long as I can keep the OS from trying to update it after I install), most customers are not that lucky.


Microsoft should also make a non-store version of the tool installer available to cover this case.  In the future, it might not even be about avoiding a buggy release, but there may be a need to avoid a new feature implemented in the tool that works fine on packages installed on the latest OS but breaks on back-rev (but still under support) versions. 


The MMPT is a critical tool that enterprises need to get third-party patched "traditional" software out quickly and will require options ensure they can always do so, even if the current MMPT has a bug.

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@TIMOTHY MANGAN Thank you for your feedback. We will respond to this message in the new year.

I support Timothy Mangan's opinion.

I just discovered that the last buggy version 1.2021.1105.0 was also made available offline.

Unfortunately I need the still error-free version 1.2021.709.0