Looking for an example or tutorial for converting a .net 4.8 with COM components.

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We have a desktop app that is built using .NET framework 4.8 and has several third party COM components. We have a MSI installer that is able to install and register the COM dll's but it requires Admin.  We have been tasked with removing the requirement for Admin permissions.  I am hoping to find an example of how to do this using the MSIX and desktop bridge. Please don't refer me to the article "Prepare to package a desktop appplication", there is not help there.

I have tried using the MSIX packaging tool as well as MSIX hero. I was able to build a package but it will not register the com components.

Is this a useless direction to look in?


thanks for any help

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Hi, we are constantly evolving our documentation. You can take a look at this early blog post to see if this would be useful https://blogs.windows.com/windowsdeveloper/2017/04/13/com-server-ole-document-support-desktop-bridge...