Language dependent files in VFS

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The only way to change the language of WinRAR from English to another is to copy the language files *.lng into the program directory.
I have packed the *.lng files in a MSIX Modification Package which works fine with manual installation.

Is it possible to create a MSIX bundle which installs WinRAR and the corresponding language modification package depending on the OS language ?

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I don't think so. Bundles do not cause dependencies to be installed.

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Hello Timothy,

first of all thank you very much for the quick feedback.

It is a pity that it does not work with modification packages in a bundle.

I have now solved it via the PSF FileRedirection for all "*.lng" files and a Powershell start script.
The Powershell script detects the user language on startup and copies the required language files from %MsixPackageRoot% to the fileredirection %MsixWritablePackageRoot% .

For all those who may come across this post and also want to package WinRAR multilingual, i have created it as follows:

  1. Create a folder "Language" in the already captured WinRAR MSIX package.
  2. Create the needed ISO Language Code subfolders and copy the corresponding "*.lng" language files from WinRAR (WinRAR Languages) into the subfolders. 


    3. Add PSF to the MSIX package and configure Powershell start script “UserSettings.ps1” and FileRedirection for the "*.lng" files

    PSF "config.json"



    "applications": [
			"id": "PSFLAUNCHEROne",
			"executable": "VFS\\ProgramFilesX64\\WinRAR\\WinRAR.exe",
			"arguments": "",
			"workingDirectory": "VFS\\ProgramFilesX64\\WinRAR",
			"scriptExecutionMode": "-ExecutionPolicy ByPass",
			"startScript": {
				"waitForScriptToFinish": true,
				"timeout": 30000,
				"runOnce": true,
				"showWindow": false,
				"scriptPath": "%MsixPackageRoot%\\VFS\\ProgramFilesX64\\WinRAR\\UserSettings.ps1",
				"scriptArguments": "'%MsixPackageRoot%' '%MsixWritablePackageRoot%'",
				"runInVirtualEnvironment": true
    "processes": [
            "executable": "WinRAR",
            "fixups": [
                    "dll": "VFS\\ProgramFilesX64\\WinRAR\\FileRedirectionFixup64.dll",
                    "config": {
                        "redirectedPaths": {
                            "packageRelative": [
                                    "base": "VFS/ProgramFilesX64/WinRAR/",
                                    "patterns": [





#Create MSIX Fileredirection folder
$Destination = New-Item "$MsixWritablePackageRoot\vfs\programfilesx64\winrar" -ItemType Directory -Force

#Copy Winrar *.lng Files to MSIX Fileredirection folder
Copy-Item -Path "$MsixPackageRoot\VFS\ProgramFilesX64\WinRAR\Languages\$((Get-UICulture).Name)\*" -Destination $Destination -Force -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue




Awesome. Thanks for sharing.


Feel free to also share here at this community site for sharing application preparation info:
We already have an entry for WinRar without the language concerns, so you can edit the docs that exist.