Kofax capture 11 application error

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After installed packaged Kofax capture 11 application am getting the attached error. please let me know what might be the cause for this error.

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Hi @poojasri 


It seems like your application is requesting write permissions for the install directory.


Apps packages as MSIX cannot write in the install folder, this is by design and you cannot change it.


If the app is under active development it is recommended you change the code and use a writeable location, like AppData. If not, you can use the Package Support Framework (PSF) to catch and redirect API calls from the app. 

Here is more info on on PSF:
- and introduction: https://www.advancedinstaller.com/package-support-framework-introduction.html

- a file redirection example in action: https://www.advancedinstaller.com/msix-files-redirection.html

If you prefer using the MSIX Packaging Tool I recommend you also try Tim Mangan's free tool, called PsfTooling to help you integrate the PSF fixups. It will make the job a little easier than manually integrating them.

Disclaimer. I work on the team building Advanced Installer

Thank you so much @Bogdan Mitrache. I will try that fix.