Is there any plan to integrate PSF in MSIX Packaging Tool??

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Is there any plan of integrating PSF (all type of Fixes) in to MSIX Packaging Tool in upcoming Update?

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I don't know what Microsoft's plans are with this integration but from our experience (when we built the PSF integration for Advanced Installer Express) I can tell it is not easy and it takes a lot of time and effort to get it right (but it will never be perfect).


If you need more automation than what the MSIX Packaging Tool & the PsfTooling (built by Tim M) can offer I recommend you use the free Express edition for Advanced Installer. You can use it for commercial purposes too.


In Advanced Installer there is a dedicated page called AppCompat where most of the PSF integration happens, but we also do a lot of under the hood auto-integration, for example, the support for shortcut arguments or copying resources from the AppData (from your MSIX package) to the PackageCache equivalent folder. (This folder copying/redirection is undergoing a revamp to make all these actions more transparent for our users).

Here is a full webinar dedicated to our PSF integration:

If you have any feedback ping me at firstname at advancedinstaller dot com.



Disclaimer: I work on the team building Advanced Installer.


Thanks alot @Bogdan Mitrache for the info