Integrating PSF Fixes into MSIX Tool, Any Plans by Microsoft.

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Hi Team,


Is there any ongoing/future plans from Microsoft to integrate PSF fixes into MSIX tool. please suggest.


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Are you referring to Windows or other Microsoft products?
In case you are referring to the Windows operating system, try open start in Windows and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and suggest this feature and explain your request in details.
Thank you, Siva, for asking this. We are constantly looking to better our applications, and we love to hear feedback and feature requests from the community.
We have added this as a request to our backlog, but we do not have a release date yet. We will look to prioritize this if we get more such requests.

Hi @Aniket_Banerjee
Thanks for the Reply.
so many 3rd party tools like Advanced Installer, Installshield integrated PSF fixes in to their respective Tools, but the product developer Microsoft not yet initiated this. it will help a lot if the fixes were integrated with in MSIX tool to avoid so many repeated/frequently facing issues like File Redirection Fixup, etc..
so many packagers using PSF Tool, developed by @tim Murgent,
kindly request you to Prioritize and initiate integrating PSF Fixes into MSIX Tool.