Include version in filename generated by MakeAppx.exe when using packaging layout

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I'm using a packaging layout file and MakeAppx to generate my appx and appxbundle files. That generally works ok, but one problem is that the files that are generated in that way don't include the version number in their filename. The Visual Studio Wap type automatically seems to generate output files that include the version in the filename, which seems safer so that one doesn't have to overwrite previous installer files.


Is there a way to tell MakeAppx to generate output filenames that include the version in the filename when using the packaging layout option?

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Just to elaborate a bit more on this:


I want to host an appinstaller file on the internet, say at My impression is that this is the one file that I would overwrite whenever I publish a new version of the app, but that ideally all other files would get distinct filenames when I publish a new version of my app.


Right now, MakeAppx.exe creates the following files for me: Foo.appxbundle, Foo-x64.appx and the corresponding other platforms. I then host all these files also at But ideally, it seems to me, that these files would be named Foo_1.0.0.0.appxbundle, Foo-x64_1.0.0.0.appx etc, so that I don't need to overwrite the previous versions of these files when I publish a new release.