Hyper-V missing Packaging Tool Enviroment

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I'm new with MSIX, I following some tutorials on internet. All the tutorials are started with installing Hyper-V. So I'm started all so with installing Hyper-V. But after installing Hyper-V i'm missing the option "MSIX Packaging Tool Enviroment":




It should me like this:



Do I missing something?


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Hi @Koos Duijvenbode,


Thank you for letting us know. This should be fixed for you now, with a newer version of the Quick Create Image now being available with a new name "Windows 10 MSIX packaging environment".


If you are unable to see it in the listing, please let me know.


Thank you,




I had the same issue.  

"Windows 10 MSIX packaging environment" does appear now, however when trying to create the VM, I now get an error.

"The downloaded image did not contain valid installation media."



The error pops up right after the downloading and verifying image progress bar.

The download looks like the latest from April 26th.



I found a workaround by going to my %localappdata%\temp\ folder
Finding the .zip file hyper-v downloaded
I then extracted the .vhdx file from it and used that to create the MSIX packaging environment VM

hopefully this gets fixed again soon. Thanks

Hi @OLM_Dan
What is your systems region and language codes? Example EN-US (US English), FR-FR (France French), etc.


This information will help me to re-create your experience.


Thank you,


@Roy_MacLachlan Hi Roy, what do you mean by fixed for you now? What do I have to do? Is the MSI package option to be available by default?



@Koos Duijvenbode @Roy_MacLachlan It’s available right now :smile:



How is this possible? Is it based on the Microsoft account?

Hi @Koos Duijvenbode & @OLM_Dan,


Appreciate your patience, I have corrected the issue and validated that the image is now available and fully functional.


Please let me know if there are any other issues.


Thank you,