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Clicking on the Provide product feedback hyperlink eventually led me to here.

I noticed some "grammatical opportunities" at; here they are:


  • In the following sentence, "user centric" should be replaced with "user-centric" because it's a compound modifier (i.e., 2 words that act like a single adjective):

It allows IT Pros and developers to deliver a user centric solution while still reducing the cost of ownership of application by reducing the need to repackage.


(cf. Compound modifier - Wikipedia)


  • In the following sentence, a comma should be inserted immediately after "MSIX":

With MSIX there is no duplication of files across apps and Windows manages the shared files across apps.


  • In the following sentence, "open source" should be replaced with "open-source" and "platform independent" should be replaced with "platform-independent":

With the open source MSIX SDK, MSIX packages are more versatile, and platform independent.


  • In the following sentence, "run time" should be replaced with "run-time":

Apply run time fixes to packaged apps.


You might also consider replacing "up to date" with "up-to-date" in the following sentence:


MSIX enables enterprises to stay current and ensure their applications are always up to date.


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