How to use MSIX on a Mac?

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My team is writing a .NET Core application expected to run both on Windows and Mac.  We created a windows and a mac installer using WiX.  We are now looking into implementing custom auto-update capabilities.

We would like to explore using MSIX instead of writing a custom updater.  Everything looks promising for Windows; however, we are unable to find any detail documentation regarding the use of msix on a Mac.

Ideally, we would like to have our installer for both windows and mac available at our data center. from a central location we would like to deploy updates to all our customers and have the application automatically update.  is this possible for the Mac users?


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We are also looking for something similar, can anyone help/point to relevant docs?

@Avanegas  for macOS, we support packing/unpacking an MSIX via the MSIX SDK. This can be done either by using makemsix tool in a similar way as makeappx or directly linking your application to libmsix.dylib and use the AppxPackaging APIs.  We are looking at what it might mean to add a deployment stack macOS.