How to specify package type (.msix or .appx) using manual packaging tool (Makeappx.exe)

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The MSDN document for manual packaging specifies that MakeAppx.exe can be used to generate both MSIX and APPX packages. 

However it is not clear as which option can be used to guide the tool to generate these different package types. Is there any such option? 

We tried this by changing the extension of the output package specified in the command line (/p abc.appx  or /p abc.msix). There seemed to be no difference in the content of the generated packages.


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We are using makeappx.exe version 10.0.17763.132


The contents are similar and can be the same depending on the make up of the app.  From a packaging persepective MSIX inheirts .appx's format (much like newer app-v converged on that format).  As new features are added MSIX will evolve the format and that could result in differing content.



We use the following command to generate the package.

MakeAppx pack /m "MyApp\AppxManifest.xml" /f MyMapping.txt /p AppPackage.msix


What would be the difference in the makeup of the app that will result in the difference between a .msix and .appx.


As of today, is there any difference between an APPX and MSIX package OR is it just change in nomenclature. 

My concern is I want to ensure I am generating the right format.

From a packaging and deployment perspective they shared a common components. Difference start coming with modification packages.  The runtime will pick up any new features based on the manifest declarations.  Think of a .appx as a really restrictive MSIX file. MSIX will light up new feature sets and includes out of band items like the package support framework.