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How to restrict updates based on OS version?

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I have installed my product using the .appinstaller file. Initial version of my product supports Windows 10 and 11. In the next version of my software update, I would like to support only Windows 11 users. Ideally, Windows 10 users should not be notified about the update. the behaviour I am observing is, Windows 10 user is notified about the update, but on installing the update, it shows the error as "this package is not compatible with the device. The package requires OS version 10.0.22000.0 or higher on the Windows.Desktop device family. The device is currently running OS version 10.0.19045.4046. (0x80073cfd)".

Is it possible to configure such a way that, Windows 10 users will not notified about the update?


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you want to restrict updates based on OS version for your Windows appinstaller file. While directly suppressing notifications for specific versions isn't possible, here are two options:

Version Targeting in Installer: During your next update's packaging, utilize the "Version Targeting" functionality within the appinstaller file. This allows you to specify minimum and maximum supported OS versions, ensuring Windows 10 users won't see the update in compatible app stores or receive notifications.

Server-Side Version Control: Implement server-side logic to control update availability based on user information (like OS version). Upon update request, your server can verify the user's OS and only offer compatible updates, effectively hiding the unavailable update for Windows 10 users.
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