How to package an app which contains another app

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Hello, please i need help on how to package my application.
I'm currently working on flutter project and i would like to package my flutter application.
The problem is this app need another app to work perfectly and that's the part i'm stuck...
I would like to know if there is a way to handle this kind of topic.

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It sounds like you need to declare it as a dependency if the other app is an MSIX too. The following article explains how you must modify the AppXManifest.

If the app is not an MSIX we need more details. You could use a bootstrapper or maybe you can trigger it's installation from your app, the first time it launches if this is not a runtime or something that your app needs in order to run.

@Bogdan Mitrache Hello, Thanks so much for the reply..
The process is :

Actually, I'm working on an app that needs a couchbase sync gateway to synchronize the app data with the couchbase server. I want to create a package that will ask the user if he wants to install the couchbase server or just the app + the sync gateway.
If he decided to install the app + the sync gateway I will install first the sync gateway exec and then the flutter app.

Hope that it makes sense.

Currently this scenario of the app (a main package) declaring(and installing) a dependency on another main package is not supported but we have noted this requirement and will look into it.