How to get installed package's full name (C++)?

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I am trying to uninstall a MSIX package through C++ program, and know of the RemovePackageAsync method. However, for that method to work, you require the package's full name (i.e. MSIXSample_x64_...). 


Is there a way to get the installed package's full name so that I can use it as a parameter for RemovePackageAsync(), or is there a better way to uninstall the package? 





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Hi @dicksonchan,


You can use PowerShell cmdlets to get the package's full name: 


You can also use a PowerShell cmdlet to remove the MSIX package as well: 




@dicksonchan If you are using the PacakgeManager.RemovePackage you can also use the FindPackage option as well:

@John Vintzel If I use FindPackage(), I would require the package's full name for the method to work, which is what I am still having trouble looking for

Hi @Sharla_Akers 


I know of the PowerShell commands. But is there a way to retrieve the package full name as a string so that I can automate these commands (Get-AppxPackage to get the name and Remove-AppxPackage immediately)?